We fully realize that most parents are employed outside of the household and have limited free time. Yet there are many ways that you can make a difference in your teenager’s life here at Reagan IB High School.


Remember, you do not have to be highly educated to be a high school volunteer. You simply need to be concerned about your teen’s education and be willing to help in a way that fits your lifestyle. A strong partnership is essential for Reagan students to continue to succeed. Here are some great volunteer opportunities:



AUDIENCE MEMBER – How easy is it to plan on having fun? Just attend some of our evening music concerts, theatrical productions, gallery exhibitions and sports games. Even if your teen doesn’t participate in an event, your support, applause and presence are desperately needed to encourage our young artists and talented athletes. View our website/calendar/newsletters for dates.


BLOOD DONOR – Be brave and set a great example for our teens. We host two annual blood drives to help fill dwindling blood banks in the Milwaukee area. Adults are needed to make life-giving contributions. Contact:  Guidance Department


CAST PARTY COORDINATOR – We hold a potluck cast party to celebrate the success of each Fine Arts production and desire a host/hostess/team to set up the festive events. Channel your inner Martha Steward skills! Contact: Carrie Baker.


CHESS CHAMP – Do you know how to play this intriguing board game? Our bright Chess Club members need to learn more gaming strategies to improve their skills. Contact: Matt Wood


CONCESSIONS STAND MANAGER – This is the perfect fit if you are a sports fan. Our young athletes depend upon refreshment sales to pay for equipment and entrance fees. Help with the concession stand while enjoying some games. Contact: Keith Mayer.


COSTUMING ASSISTANT – This is a delightfully fun task. All it requires is a bit of sewing experience, a fun attitude, and the desire to help with our theatrical productions. Contact: Erica Breitbarth.


FUNDRAISING CAPTAIN – Put your networking and motivational skills to use by championing our various fundraising efforts. We have a need for musical instruments, require unique art supplies, and a constant need for raffle items. There will always be a need for talented people to spearhead fundraisers. Contact: Pamela Tooson.


HAIR/MAKE-UP ARTIST – Do you have a flair with hair? Our performers need guidance with stage make-up and hair styles. You don’t have to be a professional to share your basic hands-on skills to turn our teens into stars. Contact: Carrie Baker.

IB EXAM MONITOR – IB exams require adults to be present during test-taking. No skills are required to monitor these sessions. Can you donate a few hours of your valuable time during the school day in early May? Contact: Kathy Westrich.  


PARENT MEETING PARTICIPANT – Stop in for some of our informative monthly SGC Parent Meetings. You will meet other concerned parents, learn about new programs, and have a voice in the direction of our school. View our calendar/newsletters for dates or contact: Pamela Tooson.


PROMOTER – We need a friendly, organized parent to visit local businesses to promote ad sales for our theatrical playbills. It is a great way for businesses to advertise and for our Fine Arts to get some much-needed funding. Contact: Erica Breitbarth.


TARGET’S TAKE CHARGE OF EDUCATION – Get a Target Redcard for an automatic 5% off all store purchases and then dedicate that card to our school so we receive a matching donation every time you shop. There is NO cost to you with this fundraiser. Designate the Redcard with our school’s account #124308.


TRANSLATOR – Se habla espanol? We want to share information at Parent Meetings and other key school events. Perhaps you can help us to open the lines of communication with our Spanish-speaking families. Contact:  Pamela Tooson.


VARIOUS DONATIONS/JOBS – Local businesses always benefit in a Reagan relationship. We are happy to receive raffle items, discount coupons or cool prizes for events or for student incentives. In turn, we promote those donors in our bimonthly newsletter and event programs to boost their business. Many of our students are eager to work for pay or to volunteer for excellent experience. We can be the perfect fit for your business. Contact: Pamela Tooson.