Ronald Reagan High School hosts many informative parent meetings throughout the school year so that we can work closely together with our families to ensure greater academic success. Research repeatedly shows that the more involved a parent is with their teen during high school, the greater the chances of graduation and continuation into college. Please be an active part of your teen’s school life, you'll see how fun it is!


We encourage you to join us at these family-oriented events:


-        Open House

-        Freshman Orientation
-     Sophomore Family Sessions

-        Junior IB Family Sessions

-        Senior IB Family Sessions

-        College Fair

-        School Governance Council Meetings

-        Parent-Teacher Conferences


Our monthly School Governance Council (SGC) meeting covers a wide variety of topics, including financial aide/college scholarships, ACT/MAP exams, National Honor Society, Fine Arts, annual budget, the School Improvement Plan, character education, safety, and the future vision of Reagan IB. A schedule of SGC meetings can be found in our school newsletters, website, and on the Parent Bulletin Board. Please note that these dates are subject to change. If there is a topic of particular interest to you, and you would like to see it on the SGC agenda, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Lasonja Jenkins, at  414-304-6107 or


Parents have many opportunities within our school.
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