Reagan IB offers a wide variety of clubs and sporting teams to meet the diverse interests of our students. Involvement is strongly encouraged. Extra-curricular activities are a great outlet for stress, increase humor, decrease loneliness, build confidence, and help students develop many useful skills.

 We currently host over 30 clubs which meet after school. A lengthy description of ongoing clubs and contact information is available on the Clubs page:


Alumni Community                                                 Huskies on Track

Archery Club                                                            Husky Salon

Art Club                                                                    IB Mathematics Club

Asian Club                                                                 Japanese Club

Card Game Club                                                      Music Leadership Team

Chess Club                                                               National Honor Society

Debate Team                                                           Radio Reagan                                  

DJ Club                                                                     Reagan Theater

Dr. Who Club                                                          Recording Club

Film Appreciation                                                  School Newspaper

Forensics Team                                                      Spirit Team

French Club                                                             Spoken Word Team

French National Honor Society                          Stage Crew

Four R’s of Conservation                                      Student Council

GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance)                                Weight Lifting Club

Guitar  Club                                                                Yearbook Club


The expansive Music Department also hosts numerous choirs and bands, including:


Chamber Choir                                                       String Orchestra

Concert Choir                                                          Percussion Ensemble

Men’s Choir                                                             Sophomore Jazz Band

Women’s Choir                                                       Upper Class Jazz Band

Treble Choir                                                            Begin/Inter/Advanced Bands


Current information on all athletic teams can be found directly on the Athletics page.