Although we only began in 2003, we want to ensure a strong link with our alumni. We hosted our first alumni event in 2012 with a day long gathering at the South Shore Park Pavilion. Lake Michigan provided a beautiful backdrop at our initial alumni meeting as Reagan IB graduates visited with current/former staff members and refreshed their friendships with old classmates. The day was filled with surprises, laughter and many positive moments.

Building a strong network with Reagan IB alumni is a multi-faceted effort with many potential benefits. We need interested alumni to share their ideas, energy and support to create a strong Alumni Community. Please keep in touch by sharing your contact information with us through this link or cut and paste the following URL to an Internet Browser.

If you desire to visit a faculty member, please schedule an appointment at least 48 hours prior to visiting so that the instructor can contact our Security Desk –making our Safety staff aware of whom you are visiting and why.
When visiting, why not discover volunteer opportunities? Please know that you are always a welcome addition at Reagan IB!  Also visit us on Facebook!