IB Career Certificate Programme (IBCP) Overview 
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What is the IBCP?
The IB Career Certificate Programme is an option for students interested in pursuing a more career-oriented path in their junior and senior year. As part of the IBCP program, students are required to take a minimum of two Diploma Program courses, complete a Reflective Project on an ethical dilemma, participate in an Approaches to Learning (ATL) course, engage in 50 hours of community service, maintain a Language Portfolio and also take career-related courses that result in the receipt of a career qualification or college credits. Details of these IBCP components are below.

Career Certificate

Each IBCP student spends at least four semesters in career-related studies. The two pathways currently in place at Reagan are computer sciences and health sciences. The career-related studies include coursework at Reagan in web development or anatomy & physiology/medical terminology. A basic requirement of the IBCP is for each student to leave the program with a career related certificate or credits authorized by an agency external to Reagan. Students can receive transcripted credit through MATC for receiving a B or higher in these two year courses.


The Reflective Project

The Reflective Project is an extended work that can be submitted in a variety of formats. It emphasizes an ethical dimension associated with a particular issue drawn from the student’s career-related studies. This project is due near the end of the two years of the IBCC program and is submitted to IBO for official moderation and scoring in spring of senior year. The IB designated time for this is 40 hours over the two years. This project is worked on independently and during the ATL course.


The ATL (Approaches to Learning) Course

This one year course is taught by a Reagan teacher during one semester of the junior year and first semester of the senior year. It explores professionally and ethically based circumstances that will promote career related skills as students move forward in their lives.


Community and Service

The community service portion of the IBCP is focused on service learning. This time should meet specific needs in the community as decided by the student, and should link to their specific career-related studies and their Reflective Project. IB designates 50 hours over the two years for this requirement.


The Language Portfolio

Each IBCP student must keep a Language Portfolio of language experiences that they are engaged in through their language class, community and service experience, and career-related courses. Language development requires all IBCP students, regardless of their choice of Diploma Program courses, to improve their language proficiency in a target language other than their best/mother tongue language. All IBCP students are required to take a language course in both the junior and senior year.

IB Examinations

IBCP students must test in at least two IB DP exams in subjects of their choosing. IB exams occur in May of senior year.

If you have any questions, please contact: 
Ms. Misa Sato, the IBCP Coordinator
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Ms. Kathleen Westrich, the IB Programmes Coordinator
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