Thank you to the parents and families that attended the junior and senior parent meetings on Wednesday August 25, 2015 (juniors) or Thursday August 26, 2015 (seniors) at Noon or 6 PM. We truly appreciate your time and support!  
For the Parents/Guardians of JUNIOR Students: 
Junior Parent Meeting Powerpoint
For the Parents/Guardians of SENIOR Students: 
Senior Parent Meeting Powerpoint
The following link will take you to the Reagan IB Exam Registration page:

The forms on this page are handed out at our senior parent meetings. All senior students also received the Exam Registration Form and instructions in their English class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 
           Mrs. Carpenter ( or 304-6108) or
           Ms. Westrich ( or 304-6233)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The following letter and form were released by the district on August 27th, 2015. This Income Eligibility Form must be filled out and submitted to the school as evidence of eligibility for Free/Reduced Lunch, which will determine whether a student qualifies for reduced IB exam fees.