Students within the MPS District are now taking MAP tests throughout the school year to track academic progress. MAP is a “screener” – a test designed to identify students who may need added help to raise their achievement levels. Students who are identified as academically at risk will receive additional help and strategies to increase their rate of learning. Reagan IB faculty members also use MAP data to determine the level of ALL students so that classroom lessons can best meet student needs.


 Informative MAP reports are sent home, containing both math and reading scores for each test the student has taken. Parents will be able to track their own teen’s growth throughout the school years, looking for improvement along the way.  Here are a few terms that will help you in your review:


RIT Score

Shows overall academic performance on math and reading tests.


Mean RIT Score

Your teen’s average RIT score at the grade level or the district level. This allows you to compare your teen’s scores to others.



How your teen ranks academically against others nationally. 



Parents play a vital role in their teen’s education. Please feel free to contact our faculty with questions or concerns that you may have about your teen’s education. We can share ideas and ways to support learning at home so that your teen achieves the greatest academic success possible.