The goal of Reagan IB is to help all students attain proficiency in their core subjects. Response to intervention uses a tiered approach to meet the diverse needs of students to engender academic success. TIER 1 represents supports available to all students. TIER 2 supports are offered to students who are still not making progress. TIER 3 supports are intensive interventions for students who need a very high level of resources or services.


Reagan IB faculty members strive to work closely with parents to enhance student success. Please realize that parental involvement is critical to ensure that a student continually makes progress in school. Here are some essential ways that parents can support their teens for greater academic success:


Parental Involvement at Tier 1


-         Frequently communicate with the teachers at Reagan IB

-         Attend school events, especially Parent-Teacher Conferences

-         Ask your teen about school on a daily basis

-         Monitor homework to discern if they need additional help

-         Speak well of school faculty

-         Meet with Reagan faculty if your teen is having difficulties

-         Praise your teen for good work and effort

-         Participate in School Governance Council parent meetings

-         Participate in school district committees and trainings


Parental Involvement at Tier 2


-         Do all of the above

-         Collaborate with Reagan IB faculty to set goals for your teen

-         Participate in parent supp0rt groups that can offer added guidance

-         Discuss progress with Reagan IB teachers on Tier 2 interventions