Absence Due to an Appointment


We realize that not all appointments can be scheduled for after school. Whenever you have a daytime appointment scheduled for your teen:


-        Send a written note to school on the day of the appointment.

-        Instruct your teen to bring the note to the Main Officebefore classes begin.


We will then provide all necessary paperwork to your teen and have the student waiting for you in the Main Lobby for a timely departure.


Do you have an unexpected appointment? Please realize that we cannot release any student based upon a simple phone call. A parent must come to the Main Office with proper identification before we can release a student. For security reasons, we cannot bring any student to the school’s Main Office unless a visitor provides proper picture identification. This process can take time, so please arrive early for a timely departure.


We realize that these requirements may cause difficulty in your hectic schedule. Yet, these security steps are essential to guarantee all Reagan IB students’ safety while in our school building. Thank you for your cooperative support and understanding.