There is an undeniable link between high school graduation and student attendance. The simple truth is that students can only learn when they are in school. This is why students with good attendance have higher grades and stronger test scores.

 Since attendance is a key factor in predicting success, it must be an important issue at home. Whenever possible, please schedule appointments for after school or during school breaks. We also encourage parents to stay connected to the school’s Social Worker during any difficult family situations that may impact student attendance.


 Reporting a Student Absence


When a student is unable to attend school, a parent should report their daily absence on our24 hour Attendance Hotline:304-6160.


1)     Call the Attendance Office to report a student absence.

2)    Submit a written note or medical document within a 3 day period.


Regular attendance is crucial for a student’s academic success. Please encourage your teen to attend classes whenever possible. Families should also keep in mind that only 3 excused absences are allowed per semester if a student plans to exempt any final exams.

Alert Now

Alert Now is an automated telephone system used by MPS to immediately report student absences.Attendance is taken in the first 15 minutes of each class, and an automated phone call to parents is generated whenever a student is marked absent.Instructors do not stop teaching to change a record from absent to tardy when a student arrives late.This is simply too disruptive to the entire classroom. As a result, parents will receive an absent phone call when students are late to class. Please encourage your teen to arrive promptly to class to avoid unwarrantedAlert Nowattendance phone calls.

 To ensure strong communication with our families, we notify parents by mail if we are not able to reach them by phone to report a student’s absence. Please keep your Emergency Contact Card information current to receive prompt attendance phone calls.