Ronald Reagan's Science Department


The Ronald Reagan High School Science Department offers a variety of core and elective science courses

through four continuous years of study. All freshman and sophomore students take science courses that

follow the IB Middle Years Program (MYP): biology in the freshman year, and chemistry in the sophomore

year. The junior and senior years follow the IB Diploma Program (DP). In the junior year, students have options

at both the standard level (SL) or higher level (HL) of the IB curriculum.


2015-2016 Teachers & Course Offerings:

Ms. Kelly Carpenter - DP Chemistry
Mrs. Abigail Felten - MYP Chemistry

 Ms. Stacy Knetter - DP Biology, MYP Biology
 Mr. Jose Perez - MYP Chemistry & MYP Biology (website)
Mr. Josh Putnam - DP Physics & MYP Design/Intro to IB (9th grade)
Ms. Misa Sato - MYP Biology & Human Anatomy & Physiology

 Mr. Chris Shefferly - DP Environmental Systems (website), MYP Biology

Mr. Zachary Tillman - IBCP Human Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. Sara Zavadsky - MYP Biology & MYP Chemistry



 Please feel free to contact the department chairperson, Ms. Carpenter, at 414-304-6108,

if you have any questions about the IB Science Curriculum.