Special Education

At Ronald Reagan High School, Special Education supports services are worked into a variety of different subject areas as well as directly with students in Math, Reading and Written Language designed around our students' individual needs. Our teachers are dedicated to providing services that range from team taught, small group and one to one based on individual needs.  Our Transition Program helps students prepare for adult life, which continues through all four years of high school (and beyond).  Our Special Education staff works closely with families creating your students optimal and unique education program.  

Staff List:
Crystal Bruce-Konuah
Dan Busch
Nick Johnson
Eli Kelley
Audra Kresinske
Mark Kubicek
April Nagel
Nic Onorato
Fredrick Perry
Robin Synhorst
Robert Szocik
Jessica Coyle - School Psychologist
Carolyn Rehfeldt - Speech
Lori Chambers-Northway - Special Ed. Supervisor
Joan Staeven - Audio/Visual Technologies
Geraldine Basterash - Paraprofessional 
Heather Boese - Paraprofessional 
Sonali Massey - Paraprofessional