The MYP Design course is a course that all freshmen at Reagan take in their first year at Ronald Reagan High School. There are several objectives of this mandatory course, including:
  • to assist students in their transition from middle to high school;
  • to provide students with an overview of the IB program and the characteristics of an IB learner;
  • to explore the MYP Design Cycle as a way to approach problem-solving, critical-thinking tasks across the curriculum.
Josh Putnam (Physics), Sandra Kelly (English) and Young Lee (Math) all teach the MYP Design course for the 2016-2017 school year.  Mr. Mayer (Math) visits with Math Support modules.
MYP Design Math Support Modules
          Cut shapes into equal parts
          Identify unit fractions
          Recognize fractions 1
          Recognize fractions 2
          VIDEO: Fractions on number line widget
          Fractions on the number line
          Find 1 on the number line
         VIDEO: Comparing fractions
         VIDEO: Comparing fractions 2
         VIDEO: Comparing and ordering fractions 
         Order fractions 
         VIDEO: Equivalent fractions with visuals
         VIDEO: Visualizing equivalent fractions
         Simplify fractions 
         VIDEO: Finding common denominators
         VIDEO: Common denominators: 3/5 and7/2
         Common denominators
         VIDEO: Decomposing a fraction visually
         VIDEO: Decomposing a mixed number
         Decompose fractions
         VIDEO: Adding mixed numbers with like numbers
         VIDEO: Adding and subtracting 3fractions
      VIDEO: Subtracting mixed numbers: 7 6/9 - 3 2/5
      VIDEO: Adding fractions wordproblem: paint
      VIDEO: Multiplying mixed numbers
      Round decimals
       Signs of sums
         Interpreting negative numbers 
         VIDEO: Negative number word problem  
         VIDEO: Intro to order of operations 
         VIDEO: Order of operations examples: examples 
         Order of operations
         VIDEO: Recognizing divisibility 
         Divisibility tests
         Factor pairs
         Identify prime numbers
         Math patterns 2 
         VIDEO: Prime factorization
         VIDEO: Prime factorization exercise
         Identify prime numbers
         Prime factorization
         VIDEO:  Least common multiple
         VIDEO:  Least common multiple of three numbers
         Least common multiple
         VIDEO:  Greatest common factor explained
         Greatest common factor
         VIDEO:  CGF & LCM word problems
         CGF & LCM word problems
Thank you for your commitment to becoming a proficient math student.