We fully understand a parent’s desire to be able to speak to their teen when an unanticipated event occurs that impacts after-school activities or pick-up plans. Life is full of surprises.  Please be aware that the MPS District Cell Phone Policy limits use of cell phones during the school day:


1)     All students must have a cell phone contract on file.


2)    Cell phones cannot be used during the school day for any reason. So, cell phones should be disabled as students enter the building.


3)    Cell phones should be kept in lockers at all times, turned off or in silent mode.

Of course, we want parents and their teens to be able to communicate when needed. We encourage you to call the Main Office when you need to speak to your teen during the school day on important issues. Telephones are also located in classrooms and can be used by students for real emergencies,with the permission of the teacher.


If a student calls outsiders to the school to participate in harassing or fighting another student, parent or staff member, the student can be expelled and the outsiders will be prosecuted/criminally charged.        

All students receive a cell phone contract to be completed by parents and returned to the school. However, any cell phone seen in use while at Reagan IB will be confiscated, even if there is a cell phone contract on file. Students with a cell phone contract can have their phone returned to a parent. Any phone without an approved contract on file will be returned once a completed contract is submitted. This policy is true for phones used before or after school on school premises. If a cell phone is confiscated more than once, the phone will be returned at the end of the year. Reagan administration follows this procedure to ensure all cell phones are returned to the rightful owner. Reagan IB and school personnel are not responsible for lost or stolen property.  Students should check the Lost & Found often.


Headphones are often required as part of educational activities at Reagan IB. Each instructor has individual procedures regarding the use of headphones in their classroom. Student must adhere to these rules to ensure they are able to participate in all educational opportunities and to ensure the safety of all students involved. Most teachers require students to put away headphones during their direct instruction portion of the course but allow headphones use during group work time or computer aided assessment practices.

It is of the utmost importance that headphones be put away during passing times between classes, in the cafeteria, restrooms, and hallways. In the event of an emergency, students need to be able to hear safety directives.

A student who refuses to put headphones away or detach from an electronic device, will have the headphones confiscated and returned at the end of the day for the first infraction. Additional issues will result in a parent/guardian having to come to Reagan IB to pick up confiscated items. It is always best policy for a student to turn in headphones/electronics to a staff member without conflict. Administration is extremely likely to return the device on the day of the offense when a student exhibits proper cooperative behavior.