Creatingand maintaining a safe, secure learning environment is essential for continuedstudent success. Reagan IB reflects MPS district discipline policies, ensuringthat all students follow the same rules and regulations.  These policies are viewable on the MPSwebsite at and in all MPS Parent/Student Handbookson Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline.


Reagan IB Detention Policy

Students makea series of endless choices throughout the course of a school day. When astudent makes an inappropriate choice or engages in unacceptable actions, ateacher may assign a detention or refer the student to an administrator fordisciplinary action.  Students have two weeks (Tuesdays throughFridays) to serve any detention.  The detention must be served with theteacher who assigned it.  Detentions generally begin after school at2:45 unless another time is specified by the teacher due to schedulingconflicts. 

If a studentdoes not serve the detention before the end of a two-week period he or she isreferred to an administrator for a conference. At the conference, the student,teacher and administrator all agree upon a select date to serve thedetention.  If the student fails to servethe detention on this mutually agreed upon date, a one day suspension will beissued for failure to follow school policy. The parent/guardian is then required to visit Reagan IB to meet with anadministrator and reinstate the student.  

Please notethat participation and attendance in extra-curricular activities can be deniedfor students who have un-served detentions.