A map to Reagan IB is accessible here.


Please be aware that MPS policy states that all visitors must display a valid picture identification card in order to enter the building. No students can be released to any visitors unless they provide adequate identification.


We fully understand that sometimes parents need to get in touch with their teens during the school day. Last minute appointments, unexpected schedule changes, or distressing emergencies are an unfortunate part of life.  In these situations, we will not hesitate to disrupt a class to reach your teen.


However, we do ask that parents discuss pick-up times, scheduled appointments, and other details with teens BEFORE school whenever possible. We do not want to disrupt classroom lessons or pull your teen out of class over minor issues. Let’s all work together to minimize unnecessary interruptions.


All visitors should enter and exit Reagan IB through the main doors located on South 20th Street. Given the large number of school employees, the school parking lot is not open to the public. Violators can be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. Feel free to call in advance for information on wheelchair accessibility and elevator locations.


Tragic events across the nation have made it painfully clear that we must do everything possible to ensure the safety of our students. It is essential that we work together to achieve this goal. Please know that the following precautions are part of a necessary safety net:


Photo Identification: Everyone who enters our school must provide identification at the Front Desk and in the Main Office. We cannot bring a student to the Main Office without first seeing identification to verify custody of a minor.


Student Release: We cannot release a student based upon a simple phone call. You must send in a note with your teen and have him/her deliver it to the Main Office in the morning for any early release or to pick up in person. Also, please know that we can only release students to individuals listed on their Emergency Contact Card.


Emergency Contact Card: Please keep up-to-date information on your teen’s emergency contact card. Updated cell phone information is essential.  It is vital that we can reach you if a crisis occurs. To update your Emergency Contact Card, just visit Parent Assist or have your teen pick up a new form from the Main Office.