Reagan IB High School

Student Forms to be returned tothe school office


Dear Reagan Families:


·        Office Summer Hours are subject to change forstaff vacations, please call 304-6100.

·        The office will be closed June 30, 2014 to July4, 2014 for vacations.

·        We ask that all athletic packets be turned inwhen the Athletic Director is here for book distribution – students can turnthese in on the same day they pick up their books. This will avoid anyconfusion on whether or not the packet is complete.

·        The first day of school for all Reagan studentsis Monday, August 11, 2014.  Classesstart at 7:35 a.m.  The school day endsat 2:45 p.m. This bell schedule is tentative and subject to change.

·        Tuesday, July 29, 2014:  Book distribution for Senior’s (grade 12) from8:30-1:30.

·        Wednesday, July 30, 2014:  Book distribution for Freshman (grade 9) from8:30-10:30.

·        Thursday, July 31, 2014 Book distribution for Sophomore’s(grade 10) from 8:30-1:30.

·        Friday, August 1, 2014 Book distribution for Junior’s(grade 11) from 8:30 – 1:30.

·        If you are unable to make it at all during thesedates (vacation, work schedule), the student can take care of this during thefirst week of school.

·        Enclosed are all the forms that need to beupdated for those attending Reagan IB High School.

·        If your child will not be returning in the fall,please contact the school office.

·        Please refer to the school website for the latestcalendar information:

·        Please note the school office will be closed on August 6, 2014 from 7:00 a.m.until Noon for a staff meeting.  Weapologize for any inconvenience.


If you have any questions, please contact theschool office at 304-6100. 


Thank you and have a great summer!


o    Athletic Packets for fall sports:Football, Guys Soccer, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Girls Swim, CrossCountry.  The packets can be downloadedfrom the website . They must beturned in at Book Distribution so that the Athletic Director can confirm thateverything is complete for the student to be cleared to begin practice.

o    Emergency contact card

o    Student Contract card

o    Student/Parent Responsibility Form

o    Immunization record

o    Prescription Medical forms – thisform needs to be signed by the doctor.

o    Tylenol-Albuterol permission slip.

o    Cell Phone contract – will be kept onfile until the student graduates from or leaves Reagan or is revoked by theprincipal or parent in writing.

o    Parent Assist Application – this formwill be kept on file until the student graduates from or leaves Reagan. (Thelogon and password does not change unless you change it.) You do not need to reapply if you already have a log-on.

o    Media Release - will be kept on file until the studentgraduates from or leaves Reagan or is revoked by the parent in writing 

o    Pay Student Fees:  Grade 9, 10, 11: $60.00, includes yearbook,student agenda, school ID and locker.   Grade 12: $175.00 – payable in fourinstallments $50 due at book distribution, $50 due September 26, 2014, $50 due November26, 2014, $25 due February 6, 2015.  Feesfor grade 12 include: senior t-shirt, school gift, student agenda, yearbook,cap and gown, school ID and locker, diploma cover, and graduation venue andceremonies.  Fees must be paid at bookdistribution and are non refundable. Personal checks, cashier’s check,money orders and cash accepted.  No personalchecks after March 1, 2015 or if a student is transferring out of Reagan.  A $30.00 NSF check fee will be added to anybank returned check.

o    Seniors: IB Test registration and testingfees need to be turned in to the main office by October 3, 2014. 

o    Students and Parents:  We are looking for volunteers for bookdistribution days.  Students (Juniors andSeniors) who need “CAS” hours, this is a good time to collect some hours.  If interested, please email Mrs. Nordvall at

o    If you would like to receive theschool parent newsletter or calendar in your email, please send a request tothe school email at



List of Important Numbers


Main Office: Hours are 7:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.   

Phone:  414-304-6100   Fax:414-304-6115

School Email Address:

School Website:  

School Principal:                    414-304-6105

Attendance Line:                    414-304-6160

School Nurse:                414-304-6161

School Counselor:        Grade9 and Grade 10: Mr. Knueppel: 414-304-6164

                                       Grade 11: Mrs. Mahnke: 414-304-6268

                                       Grade 12: Mr. Reedy: 414-304-6140                  Fax:414-304-6156

                                       Guidance Secretary: 414-304-6211           Fax:  414-304-6169

School Psychologist:     414-304-6133

School Social Worker: 414-304-6128

Athletic Director:          414-304-6254